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What is Paytm Money App and how to earn money from Paytm Money App? Paytm is a very big company as you must be aware and you must also use Paytm App for your domestic work like sending money to someone, mobile recharge, bill payment, shopping, etc. But do you know that Paytm has not one but many? There are apps that are used for different tasks.

In which Paytm Business App with Paytm App itself, Paytm Mall App, Paytm Money App along with many more apps, in which different features of Paytm have been given, which we and you use often, but in today’s post we will only You will get information about Paytm Money App, what is Paytm Money App and how to earn money from it.

Paytm Money App is similar to Groww App and Zerodha App which gives you a chance to earn money by “Investing” your money in Stock Market, Mutual Fund, Gold, IPO, Trading, etc. Best way to earn a good return on money.

In today’s time, all the rich people of the world, invest their money in these places and earn money from that money, then if you also want to earn money like this, then read this post completely in this Paytm Money App What is it, how it works and how to earn money from Paytm Money App has been given.

What is Paytm Money App ā€“ What is Paytm Money App 2022?

Paytm Money App is also an app of Paytm which is completely made for investment, so that you can earn money by investing your money in the stock market, mutual funds, gold, IPO, trading, etc. This Paytm Money App was launched on 20 September 2017 which you can easily download from Play Store if you already have a Paytm account then you can also login to Paytm Money App through the same mobile number or else. You can also create another account.

The main objective of Paytm in launching this Paytm Money App was to directly connect its Paytm User to Stock Market, Mutual Funds because Paytm had many users who were interested in investing in these things.

With the help of this app, you can also invest your money in a mutual fund company’s IPO, Gold, etc. very easily sitting at home and keep an eye on your investment from where you can get maximum profit so that you can earn a lot. Earning can be done from this Paytm App.

The specialty of this Paytm Money App is that you do not have much trouble with KYC, you can do KYC by yourself sitting at home through this app and can open your Demat account without any brokerage and App using any Investment App also. Quite easy.

How to Download Paytm Money App?

Downloading Paytm Money App is very easy because this App is available on the Play Store from where you can easily download it, for which you just have to go to Playstore and search by typing Paytm Money in the search bar where you can find this App easily. Which you can download.

But you will not get a referral commission by downloading this app directly from the play store. To get a referral commission for App Download, you have to download this Paytm Money App from the referral link, then use this link only.

Paytm refer and earn terms and conditions :

  • To Open Demat Account in Paytm Money, Click on Referral Link and Start Process
  • Referral Link Paytm Money App

What are the KYC documents required in Paytm Money App?

because this is an Investing App where you invest your money, then KYC is mandatory for the security of this invested money, so let’s see what documents are required for KYC which is mandatory.

Paytm money refers to and earn
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • A selfie of you
  • Mobile number

And it is better if you should have an account in Paytm with this number (but it is not necessary)

How to complete KYC in Paytm Money App?

Here is the question many people will be how can you complete KYC without creating an account, so for your information, if you have a Paytm account, then through the same Id and Password, you can also log in to this Paytm Money App.

As far as this Kyc is concerned, then if you have done full KYC of your Paytm account then you do not need to do any KYC but keep in mind that we are talking about Paytm Full KYC here which Paytm agents do which you yourself

If you have got such Kyc done then you do not need any Kyc and if you have not done this Kyc then you can easily complete your Kyc online by giving the above-mentioned documents.

How to earn money from Paytm Money App 2022?

it is an investment app and platform, so whatever work is done here is related to investment, through which you do the work of earning money from the Paytm Money App.

  • Mutual Funds Scheme
  • stock market
  • NPS Retirement Funds
  • IPO
  • Refer And Earn
  • Affiliate Partner

There are 6 such tasks in this app, which are related to investment and earning money, , this Paytm Money App is a simple and transparent investment for all of you, a special kind of platform, on which till now more than 60 lakh people use it. Who has his own trust in the App as an investment platform, so let’s know about all these in a little detail.

Earn money from the Mutual Funds Scheme :

Mutual Funds Scheme is a very investment process where you get the highest return on your money, the facility of which is given in Paytm Money App, you can choose the best Mutual Fund scheme of any company and invest your money in it. You can get maximum returns.

Paytm money refer and earn program

Here small and big plans will be available for all the investors, where you can invest according to your budget, the Mutual Fund given in it is something like this.

  • mid-cap fund scheme
  • A large and small scheme
  • Balanced Scheme
  • tax saving scheme
  • liquid scheme
  • Equity Mutual Fund Scheme
  • Debt Mutual Fund Schemes
  • Hybrid Mutual Fund Scheme
  • Solution-Oriented Scheme

We will get the most benefit from investing in a Mutual Fund of this Paytm Money App when you invest in Mutual Fund through this App, here you do not have to pay any charge for buying Mutual Fund.

And by investing in Direct Mutual Fund from the Paytm money app, you also get 1% more return, here you can invest directly in more than 25 Mutual Fund companies and there is not much hassle for Kyc here without any paperwork. Only you can do KYC online.

It is not necessary for you to have much money even to start investing here because in this Paytm Money App you can start your investment journey with even Rs 100 and work on how to earn money from Paytm Money App.

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Earn money from the stock market :

Paytm Money app, we can also get the facility to invest in the stock market, where you can open your Demat account sitting at home with the help of this app, that too at very nominal charges where you do not even have to pay brokerage charges and you can invest in the stock market. You can start investing

Along with this, the specialty of the Paytm Money App is that it makes your investment safe and secure as well as live market data, and detailed company info. With this, your investment and trading facility becomes very easy.

Along with this, it also provides a simple statement for you, where there is no hidden charge, whatever charges are there, you already know that they are also very minor charges.

Here also no paperwork Kyc is required for investment in the stock market, you can invest your money in BSE, NSE, Nifty, Sensex, etc. by completing online Kyc and opening your Demat account. Also trading facility from this app. Meets

How to Earn Rs.300 Per Refer from Paytm Money?

if you have an account with Paytm Money, which you have completed KYC, then you can earn Rs 300 on referral from this account through Refer and Earn where you neither have to make any investment nor have to invest your money anywhere.

But to take advantage of the benefits, you must have an account with Paytm Money, as well as the KYC of that account should also be completed, only then you can take advantage of this referral program and earn 300 by referring.

This referral program has been started some time back in Paytm Money App, which gives a referral link in your account which has to be shared with you and you have to join from that link, so let’s see it. Where do you get referrals and how to use them?

  1. First of all open Paytm Money App and go to Refer and Earn option, if you do not have a Paytm Money App account then you can download Paytm Money App from this link and create an account.
  2. As soon as you go to the option of Refer and Earn, you will get a referral link here, you can copy this link and share it anywhere, or here you will also get the option to share it on b, etc. Just you will get more of this link. Share with more people.
  3. Now someone will click on this shared link of yours, and he will reach the option to download Paytm Money App, if he downloads this app and creates an account in his Paytm Money App, How to earn money from Paytm Money App is a good way.

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