Largest Fast-Food Restaurant Chain In The World Analysis By 2020

largest fast-food chain in the world

There is no dispute when it comes to brand recognition and overall revenue. McDonald’s is known to be the king having the largest fast-food chain in world.  That doesn’t limit other food centers to take over the market and extend their hotelier business extensively. To one’s surprise, the players will beat them as the competition is on a higher goal.

The fast-food centers or the restaurants are more than just a package of food served on time. It is a pack of creativity, love, and good efforts to entice your taste buds. Eateries are offering mini bar counter, take away counters, and food menus to quality as QSRs. Their franchise has been largely operative under a shared agreement where the corporate ownership. The convenience factor matters a lot here. In today’s time, where time is susceptible to the fast-paced life restaurant takeaways are faster than time. This has extensively increased the craze for the largest fast-food chain in the world.

Top 5 Largest Fast-Food Chain In The Wolrd

An extensive increase in fast food revenue has been generated and recorded in the year 2020- it is over 570 billion USD. It is the biggest than the economic value of the majority of countries. There are more than 200,000 fast food centers or restaurants in the United States that estimates around 50 million Americans are eating from them in a single day.

  • Fast food restaurants are fast-paced restaurants that account for 50% of the sales in the entire restaurant section.
  • The most popular hamburger fast food restaurants account for 30% of industry sales.
  • The popularity of the pizza stores is an accountant to 15% of the market shares.
  • The majority of the largest fast-food restaurant chain by a number of locations in the world is
  • offering promising fresh ingredients with fewer additives to them.
  • The global fast-food centers have expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% by the year 2027.

Top 5 Largest Fast Food Chains in the World


It is the home of $5 footlong that happens to bring in the worldwide restaurant. With more than 44,000 locations placed in 112 countries. This small sandwich shop is earning in leaps and bounds.

The American privately opened restaurant is the submarine sandwich and salad seller. it doesn’t own a single location but collects around 8% of the revenue from each franchise. There are 43,600 stores which are the largest in other locations in the world.  

Subway Top Menu Products
Submarine sandwiches
Pizzas (some locations)


One of the biggest fast-food chains in the world, this restaurant generates around 26.5 billion USD revenues in the year 2020 estimation. The easy accessibility of multi-chain of coffeehouse and roaster reserves in the Seattle, Washington makes it popular among all. Serving hot coffee, snacks, fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, pastries along with chips and crackers makes it a favorite to all. They offer season-specific items in the store. Likewise, you will get pumpkin spice and latte in the seasonal times to enjoy the meal.

Starbucks Top Menu Products

  • Tea: Teavana, Tazo
  • Coffee: iced coffee, nitro cold brew, dark roasts, light roasts
  • Coffee makers: Starbucks Verismo
  • Pre-packaged foods


Ranking as the top 3rd biggest food chain, McDonald’s is having superb revenue which is around 21.07 billion in 2019. As an American corporation, this fast food center serves around 69 million customers on a daily basis, to 100 countries across the 37, 855 outlets. The revenue of this brand covers the rent, royalties, and fees that are paid to the franchisees as well. Around 1.7 million employees are working here serving the market with the capitalization of USD 122.9 billion as the largest restaurant chain in the world.

McDonald’s Top Products

  • Hamburgers: Big Mac, Quarter Pounders
  • Chicken: Chicken McNuggets, McChicken,
  • French fries
  • Soft drinks
  • Milkshakes
  • Salads
  • Desserts
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast wraps


Globally ranked as the 4th largest fast-food chain in the world, Yum China has made a recognizable mark. The headquarters in Shanghai, in the year 2020 China generated around 8.41 billion revenues among the top 10 fast-food restaurants in the world. It is having a market cap of 19.31 billion where the Yum China number of Locations serving is around 8,484 restaurants.

Yum China Top Brands

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • East Dawning
  • Little Sheep
  • Taco Bell
  • COFFii & JOY
  • Huang Ji Huang


There is nothing more pleasing than a bucket of fried chicken. The chain had a humble beginning in front of the gas station in the Corbin at Kentucky. The number of locations has increased extensively in more than 19000 locations across the globe. The secret recipe is not known to anyone and it is impossible to distinguish it from the incredible popularity of the United States and across the globe.

KFC Top Menu Products :

  • Fried ChickenCrispy
  • Hot Fiery ChickenDips
  • BucketDips
  • fried chicken Burgers

Biggest Fast Food Chains in the World by Market Cap 

Revenue is the only way to track things at the largest fast-food chains in the world. It is valuable at a B2B level in the market company’s cap. The market capitalization has chiefly referred to the total dollar market value of the brand with outstanding market shares. The rank of the stores is making a striking effort for sticking to the competition.

The future of the fast food industry is largely customer-oriented. The good service, proximity, and quick delivery have significantly increased the delivery options for offering the finest experience all together.

You’ll find each biggest fast food chains listed in almost every corner of the world. 

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