How To Open a Burger King Franchise In India?

How to open a Burger King franchise in India?

Dig into some fantastic burgers, hamburgers, and a saucy deep! Yummm. Yes, Burger King is Yummy and mouth watery. But today, we won’t be talking about how amazing the burgers are; in fact, we will bring forth how to make the Burger King franchise operative in your country. Franchise business all in itself is a great way to make an impactful income with an essential investment. There are many reasons why you should invest in franchise businesses. A few of the crucial points are listed below;

  • It has an ever-growing sector
  • You can buy a proven formula that does not need a separate marketing
  • Brand power
  • The business is already built
  • You can be your store boss
  • A great benefit of enjoying training programs in free
  • Minimize the risk of breakdown
  •  You get a better head start

The Burger King franchise is a great idea to start your business. All you need to have is a good location where the company can be smoothly operative.

About the Burger King

Burger King was founded in 1953 by a couple of young restaurateurs from Jacksonville, Florida. Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns were so taken with a budding McDonald’s in California that they decided to open a similar burger joint on the east coast. They eventually sold the business to David Edgerton and James McLamore, who transformed it into today.

Burger King logo

Burger King is the second-largest hamburger business in the United States, with 14,000 locations in 100 countries. Burgers, salads, chicken, vegetables, and desserts are its specialties. The Burger King franchise in India continues to offer attractive prospects worldwide as it seeks to expand into new markets and expand in nations where it has gained a following.

There are numerous advantages to purchasing a Burger King franchise.

  • The most important is a solid cost-profit ratio in a franchise.
  • The second is a franchisor’s guidance on opening a Burger King franchise, including investment details.

Another is a variety of franchise formats available for purchase, each with acceptable franchise fees and requirements

Burger King is now one of the top five food franchises globally in terms of location count, second only to McDonald’s in terms of burger franchise size. There are roughly 19,000 Burger Kings worldwide; you must meet the franchisor’s standards, which include having sufficient financial resources.

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What are the steps to starting a Burger King franchise?

Make sure you’ve got enough capitalization. You must have a net worth of more than $325,000 to open a Burger King franchise

  • Recognize the financial commitment required to create a restaurant franchise. You’ll need to include in the costs of construction and real estate, as well as the costs of equipment and signs, licenses and permits, uniforms, and insurance.
  • Examine your previous experience and skills. Before seeking to own a Burger King franchise, you should carefully consider your previous business experience.
  • Examine the market’s availability. Before starting with the franchising application, you should check the market availability for Burger King franchises to see any functional needs in your desired area.
  • Send your application. The Burger King franchise team will analyze your application. Upon receipt of your online application, you will receive an email confirmation receipt, along with the franchise owner’s contact information.
  • Obtain approval and begin the process of establishing your Burger King franchise. Once your financial and background checks are completed, you will be approved for a franchise. Only those who meet all of the Burger King franchise India requirements will be approved.

What is the cost of a Burger King franchise?

Burger King franchise cost investment for Burger King is $323,100 – $3,076,600 and in Indian rupees, it is around 3- 4 Crores approx. 

Name of FeeLowHigh
Franchise Fee11 lakhs approx.37 lakhs approx.
Travel and Living Expenses While Training –18 lakhs approx.
Real Property/ Occupancy Charge66 lakhs approx.6 crores approx.
Civil & Architectural Drawings / Professional Fees      74 thousand 33 lakhs approx.
Zoning Expenses74 thousand18 lakhs approx
Improvements / Construction18 lakhs approx. 7 crores approx.
LandscapingN/A  44 lakhs approx
Equipment2 lakhs approx 50 lakhs approx
Decor Package 10 lakhs approx
Signage & Drive-Thru90 thousand50 lakhs approx
Pre-Opening Wages 20 lakhs approx 70 lakhs approx
Opening Inventory 80 thousand2 lakhs approx
Cash and Inventory Control System20 lakhs approx50 lakhs approx
Insurance7 lakhs approx18 lakhs approx
Working Capital / Additional Funds12 lakhs approx2 crores approx
Business Licenses, Utility Deposits, Lease Deposits, and Payments5 lakhs approx25 lakhs approx
2-Story Interior PlaygroundN/A2 crores approx
Estimated Total* 3 crores Approx4 crores Approx
Burger King franchise model chart

Note: Burger King franchise cost in Indian rupees may be variable as we have changed it from dollars to INR.

Burger King franchise cost in India currency is around 3 – 4 crores approx. You’ll earn more than the investment, and that is assured. Currently, the Burger King franchise India is experiencing few updates in faculty, listed below; 

Traditional Facility: A self-contained, full-service restaurant that stands alone on its property. A typical Burger King restaurant has no shared areas with other businesses and provides the usual approved Burger King menu.

Non-Traditional Facility: A restaurant part of a larger complex that includes retail, food service, petrol stations, convenience shops, other franchised businesses or restaurants, or other similar establishments. Dedicated seating may or may not be available at this location’s restaurant.

Institutional Places: Government buildings and facilities, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, sports facilities, factories, corporate campuses, turnpikes, limited-access toll roads, theme parks, zoos, casinos, and educational facilities are examples of institutional locations. An institutional location’s owner may or may not be the restaurant’s operator.

How to start a Burger King franchise:

How to start a Burger King franchise is no longer a concern after you have gone through the entire article. Aside from the money needed to operate the store, Burger King requires potential franchisees to have a net worth of $3 million and $1,000 in liquid assets. The liquid assets requirement is the amount of money a franchise must have in savings and be able to access immediately in the event of an emergency or unforeseen crisis while beginning a business. It also includes ongoing living expenditures until the franchise unit generates a profit that allows the franchisee to earn sufficient take-home pay.

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