Canva Pro Price In India: How much is Canva Pro?

Canva pricing how much is Canva pro

Talking about Canva is undoubtedly the best design tool to create a life for the imagination and make your social media posts more attractive. Creativity is best expressed with the tool Canva; thus, the importance of membership is highly in demand for all. Logically, the yearly subscription needs to deal with the terms of the cost and its affordability.

Canva Pro charges around $ 12.95 per month for a monthly membership and nearly $ 9.95 per month billed annually at $119. Excited to pay a whole year in advance? Then you’ll be saving up to $36, isn’t it cool! If you have the demand to use the service provided by Canva Pro, make sure that you use it for 12 months. Canva pro lifetime is an excellent choice for you? the next question will be how much is canva pro

Canva Pro- What is it?

The most desirable Canva Pro was previously known as Canva for Work. It is a premium subscription of Canva for individuals and smaller teams. The 4+ millions of free stock photos and graphics, unlimited uploads, 60K+ templates,100 GB of the storage facility, clicking on one click resizing that creates transparent backgrounds, creating of animated GIFS and MP4 videos, and creating of your brand identity and many more benefits will be enjoyed by you.

What is meant by Canva for Enterprise?

The popular Canva for Enterprise is one of the most popular Canvas subscription plans. It is for the larger team with significant benefits along with pro plan plus and multiple brand kits. It also includes advanced template locking benefits, unlimited storage, built-in workflows, 24/7 enterprise-level support, and even single sign-on benefits.


Planning to sign up at Canva Pro for a Free: 30-day trial? Try it out 

Getting on the question of how to get Canva pro for free students? Try Canva Pro Trial, which isn’t a difficult task at all. It is straightly going to offer you all the benefits in one glimpse for a month without costing you any penny. Follow the below pointer;

Canva 30days free trial
  • You require visiting the Online Canva Pro 30-Day Free Trial Page
  • Click on the button ‘Try Free for 30 days
  • Directed to sign up a page of Canva Pro
  • use your Google email or link with Facebook to sign in
  • Once you are registered to the New Canva Account, a pop-up message dialogue box with the 30 days of Canva Pro Free offer. To claim this, you need to click on the button ‘Try it free for 30 days.
  • On the final step, select the Monthly plan and enter your payment procedure. Use your debit card or credit card and then the button ‘Claim my Free Trial.
  • You now can use the free Canva Pro user for the coming 30 days.

Enjoy Canva for the Education Free Lifetime Access 

Do you know now Canva is used for Education purposes as well? How to get Canva Pro for a free student is already mentioned above. You need to know the benefits of using it. It empowers the next generation of creative thinkers to express themselves well using this version of Canva. The add-on benefits for the classroom are free for the teachers and students at a global range. There is no Restriction to it!


There is, however, an eligibility question that needs to be filled out and submitted along with certified proof. The teachers have to upload the employment certificate at the school to get qualified for free Canva to access the classes. The procedure is put across here;

Canva Pro Price In India monthly :

Canva Pro Price In India monthly
Canva Pro Price In India monthly
  • Visit the page of ‘Canva for Education benefits.’
  • Click on the ‘Register Now for Free.
  • Use the school email address & create a new Canva account.
  • Read the eligibility details before you fill-up the form.
  • Enter the details, including first name, school website, teaching position, the total number of your students in class, new Canva Email address, and Country.
  • Use a convincing reason to enroll in Canva for Education.
  • Upload all of your Teaching educational qualifications.
  • Agree on all the popped-up terms and conditions and then submit the form.
  • Wait for the feedback from the team of Canva
  • Once the approval of your Canva for Education is done, you can now utilize the free Canva Pro features for a maximum of 30 students.

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How much is canva pro?

Canva Pro Price In India yearly
Canva Pro Price In India yearly

YES, of course!

The plan for Canva Pro is exceptional and will offer ample benefits to you. It will help you to create simple graphics and social media posts. It is a simple paid plan that brings in the most creativity. It allows you to create the box graphic with access to an immense collection of unlimited features. 

The Canva Pro account free benefit features are listed below;

  • Premium Design Templates
  • Premium Stock Images and Graphics
  • Brand Identity
  • Custom Fonts and Logos
  • Export Transparent Design and Customize Download Quality
  • 100GB Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited Folders
  • 24/7 Support
  • Better Support & optimization for mobile
  • Animation & vector design is missing

How Much is canva Pro in India FAQ

canva yearly subscription India

canva Pro price in India is Rs1,299 per year

Can I get Canva Pro for free?

yes! canva pro is free, we can access it for free

Premium Design Templates: You’ll get access to 60,000+ of the free premium design templates in one go.

Premium Stock Images and Graphics: You’ll enjoy more than 4 million free premium stock images and graphics for your design needs.

One-click Design Resize: You’ll be able to perform a one-click design to resize any design type.

Brand Identity: You’ll be granted a feature to create 1 Brand Kit and set up your brand’s visual uniqueness.

Custom Fonts and Logos: You’ll be able to upload unlimited custom fonts and logos for your designs.

Export Transparent Design and Customize Download Quality: Using the Free plan will allow you to export the images as transparent PNG designs. You can even customize your design’s download quality up it to 3 times.

100GB Cloud Storage: Enjoy 100GB cloud storage to upload & enjoy storing your photos and elements.

Unlimited Folders: You won’t have any restrictions on how many folders can a Pro user create for keeping their designs and images.

24/7 Support: You’ll enjoy ‘Self-serve’ support with subscribers offering 24/7 priority support

Final Verdict:  Canva login and the Canva pro login are incredibly beneficial. If you’re skeptical, we would recommend you start with the Canva Pro Free Trial for 30 days to test the best way. The value you will get while working on Canva Pro will make you fall in love with it.  

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