Everyone Loves Best Series On Netflix India

Best Series On Netflix India

Over the years Netflix has taken a center stage to ramp up the library of Indian original series and movies. Everyone in the free hours is chilling and watching series or movies on Netflix. The best shows on Netflix India 2020 have marked a new phrase. The video watching in India has been ballooned like never before.

Netflix is one of the biggest OTT platform in the world. It is in a phrase of growing as we communicate. As per the recent subscribers, they have gained around 15.8 million subscribers from January to March. It has shown a sharp increase of 182.9 million in the coming days. The best web series on Netflix is unparallel to any other OTT platforms. Be it any season, summer, or winter, you can enjoy amazing Netflix series (TV shows) across the globe that will keep you entertained.

For exploring the best series on Netflix India you need to have a subscription. A monthly mobile Netflix subscription in India is around Rs 199 (~$2.80). You can grab your account and enjoy watching Netflix for 24 hours. The collection of the series and movies are extremely good. The famous documentary, award-winning top best series on Netflix are available for you to watch now.

best series on netflix india

Best Series On Netflix India

While talking about the best Series on Netflix India there are certain series or TV shows that shouldn’t miss listed below.

1. Stranger Things

This is one of the best Series on Netflix India.  It is a sci-fi kind of series where a new world stage is showcased. A supernatural intrigue and horror adventurous series make it most amazing. It depicts the story of a nice girl, age eleven, and her friends from the town of Indiana ad Hawkins. Here a Frantic Jonathan looks for Nancy in the darkness, where Steve’s looking for her at the same time. Hopper and Joycee finally discover the truth about the laboratory experiment. This series have made a strong positive remark and review on the platform and remained in the top 10 for the last 1 month.

2. Sacred Games 

This is to date one of the amazing Indian web series on Netflix that deals with comedy, fun, adventure, murder, crime, and excitement. The characters enacted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Radhika Apte, Pankaj Tripathi, Kalki Koechlin, and Saif Ali Khan have made it extremely amazing to watch. The story go around the impending terror attack in Mumbai which was master-minded by Ganesh Gaitonde the gangster. It’s up to police officer Sartaj Singh to stop the city from blowing up in just 25 days. While he starts, he gets deep the conspiracy runs. This comedy filled crime has created a craze. It remained in the top 10 for months.

3. She 

Directed by the most favorite Imtiaz Ali, ‘She’ is the first attempt in creating for the TV show which went extremely well. The storyline is a transformational journey of a lower-middle-class, junior police constables who have shoved out of her comfort zone. The lady moves toward the intelligence mission and breaches the criminal organization. The limited series came out to the brilliant in every circumstance that can cringe to the general chauvinistic nature of the men in the authoritative organizations. This series was quite different but intensely loved by all.

4.Delhi Crime 

One of the best crime series on Netflix India is Delhi crime. It deals with the heart-wrenching rape incidents that truly happen in the city of Delhi that will shake you from the core. Delhi crime chronicles are commonly referred to as the Nirbhaya rape case in India. There are immense international attention to this and the media reports focusing on the victim and incidents. Filmmaker Richie Mehta made striving scenes of investigation to engage the audience and made it transparent with the bureaucratic pressures, political influences, and lack of resources faced by the Delhi Police during the investigation period. Recently, this series is again back on the top 10 with a success record and best nominations.

5. The Crown

This is one of the top Netflix series originals that have hit a massive audience worldwide. ‘The Crown’ is the most expensive television series ever made on the International Platform. It is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The second season covers the period of the Suez Crisis to the retirement. The third and fourth season deals with the prime minister, tenure, and marriage to Prince Charles. The fifth and sixth seasons cover the Queen’s reign in the 21st century. It is amazingly made that created a long-lasting effect. This series is a complete package of the historical act, which keeps one engaged to watch over what happened then!

6. The Haunting of Hill House

This amazing and best-limited series on Netflix India deals with the dark ominous night where Hugh Crain gathers his children and goes to their vast, gothic mansion, just leaving his wife Olivia behind. All the ages, be it adults and children are excited about the series as it is thrilling, adventurous, traumatic that shows a perfect feel of horror at the same time. This is a perfect show for you to watch over with your family. This series is created by Mike Flanagan and starred Henry Thomas, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and Kate Siegel. This is a perfect series to chill.

To conclude, the amazing Netflix web series is a must for you this year. The pandemic has hit the border badly; life is stuck in the four walls. It is better to chill with your family at home without disturbing anything outside. Netflix is growing with some amazing new series that will recently hit the platform. Check the above top 6 to witness the best cinematography, storyline, script, direction, color codes, and acting. The best series tend to come primarily on Netflix. The shows tend to get the branding that goes perfectly on Netflix. Anything on this platform has a huge audience drive.

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