How to setup Push notifications on website with a free plug-in

how to add push notification in wordpress website

How to setup Push notifications

Do you know what the use of push notification on the website is? Push notifications also called web push notifications on to the websites; every day you will see the notification on daily life, it means someone notifies you something to see on that, nowadays these notifications will provide good quality of re-engaging with existing users. Today we are going to drive more traffic to the website with one plug-in on word press websites. Before that, I will share with you one small survey report that happened in 2019, on daily basis 90% of users check their emails every day.

Push notifications technology is quickly sending a quick notification delivery system to the users with one signal.

The top brands like Volkswagen, Bose, eat street and so on are using this One Signal tools & plug-in to get more engaging users and to deliver quick notifications, and it really helps brands, and companies to increase their website traffic and to convert users into subscribers. Companies might generate revenue with a 5X figure. here follow this simple procedure to get an easy way of notification to WordPress the websites

setup Push notifications on the website with a free plug-in

Step 1: Open WordPress and click on the plug-in option and type one signal, once you find the plug-in download and install the plugin.

Step 2:  After installing the plugin, open their official website one signal, Then create an account

Step 3: if the registration is done, create a new app or add your website URL

  •  for example :
  •  Wordpress site name, Then click on Create button

Step 4: After adding the website URL, it will take you out next page then Click on web push notification/chrome push notification then click next.

Step 5: Input your site URL, along with HTTP ( hypertext transfer protocol )   or HTTPS  (hypertext transfer protocol secure )

Benefits of push notifications on Word press website:

  • 1.  To Deliver Quick and instant notifications to users
  • 2.  Re-entanglement for the websites
  • 3.  The afternoon is the peak time for push notification
  • 4.  80% of users will check the notifications
  • 5.  Send interactive and rich message notification
  • 6.  Easy communication
  • 7.  Improve customer/user experience
  • 8.  Geo-targeting
  • 9.  Retain users for a long time
  • 10. User Tracking


Every niche needs to push notification on a website to engage and to get more website visits to a particular webpage. Onesignal tool provides SMS, email, web push desktop notifications, not only one signal tool there are many tools in the market to provide the same service, but one signal service has a good name in the online market. Compare to other tools, I would like to recommend that to install the free plug-in. nowadays tools are easy and user friendly easy to understand and easy to also. use user-friendly small tools to your website or else  WordPress website. try it for free and experience it, get quick more traffic to the website and improve the content growth. check the google analytics on a monthly basis.

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