Make Your New Laptop Choice Easy and Simple With HP 430 i3

hp 430 laptop specifications

Are you planning to buy a laptop with exception and convenience? HP has got it for you. The manufacturing of laptops is to encourage the convenience of the users. There are certain features that every buyer should consider in a computer. These gadgets are portable and hence demand some definite specifications to go for

The new HP 430 laptop i3 is rocking the market with its excellent features and specifications. This laptop praises several features for working comfortably for a more extended period. The standard keyboard is designed ergonomically sturdy and full-length. The battery used in this laptop possesses Li-Ion of high quality. These Li-Ion batteries are specialized for not swelling or getting heated. This feature is precious for those who need to carry a laptop for a long time

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Specifications of HP 430

The general model of the laptop is 430 (A6C46PA). The manufacturing brand is HP. The HP 430 i3 laptop specifications are one of the main reasons for its popularity. It comes with some excellent qualities to ensure your money’s worth. The HP 430 laptop price in India is available at the cost of rupees 25000 approximately.

Memory Operating Systems Peripherals
Memory Layout: 1×2 GB OS: DOS Keyboard: Standard Keyboard
RAM type: DDR3 Bit: 64 ToucHPad equipped
Capacity: 2 GB   Drive Type: DVD Writer
Expandable Memory: 8 GB   Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW SuperMulti DL
    Scanner for Fingerprint: No

The sales package of this laptop includes the mandatory items. They are the laptop, AC adapter, battery, and user guide. The company provides a warranty of 1 year for this laptop

Style Attributes of the Laptop Primary Storage Networking
Display Type: LED HDD Speed: 5400 RPM Secondary Rear-Facing Camera: No
 LED display with LCD HD and Anti-Glare features HDD Capacity: 500 GB Ethernet Type: 10/100 Base-T
Display Resolution: 1366 x 2160 HDD Type: SATA Headphone Jack: Yes
Display Touch screen: No   Microphone Jack: Yes
Dimension (WxHxD): 342 x 231 x 31 millimetres   Audio Solution: High Definition Audio Solution
Size of Display: 14 inches   Bluetooth: Yes
Weight: 2.2 kilograms   The version of Bluetooth: 3.0
Colors: Pewter   HDMI: 1
    Digital Media Reader: Yes
    Wireless LAN: 802.11 B/G/N
    USB 20 Slots: 3

Features of hp 430 laptop :

  • Operating System: The right operating system is essential while buying a laptop. The OS decides the smoothness you would face while working. Therefore the OS in a laptop is very important to choose wisely per your end-user needs. The OS in HP 430 i3 laptop is DOS. It helps in controlling programs and is a single-user system. It helps manage computer files and memory along with the input-output system. DOS provides the command processing facilities.
  • Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of a laptop determines the performance of the laptop. The more the capacity, the better it would have smooth background actions. A spacious storage capacity helps your laptop to boot without any flaws. The HDDs offer large storage sizes at quite a reasonable cost per GB.
  • RAM Size: The RAM size determines the multi-tasking factor of the laptop. The HP 430 i5 laptop specification of 4 to 8 GB RAM is meant for medium use. Similarly, HP 430 i3 laptop with 4 to 8 GB RAM supports usage like running semi-demanding office jobs or photo editing.
  • Processor: Core processors are individual processing units. These units are found in the CPU. The HP 430 i3 laptop core processors receive a command from a single computing task. It works with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz for fast information processing. It stores the information in the RAM temporarily.

The HP 430 i3 laptop offers several other characteristics besides these critical features. The 3 USB slots help in multi-tasking and functionality. The LED HD display screen provides real-life images. The Intel HD graphics processor also contributes to making your life easy.

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  • Operating System :
  • The DOS operating system boots much faster than any other OS. Therefore, the HP 430 i3 laptop’s operating system runs quickly. This laptop’s DOS helps make workarounds for administering/managing an MS system. It helps in combining these programs.
  • Core Processor :
  • The multi-core processor is capable of achieving higher clock speeds. Hence any signal does not have to travel far for reaching the destination. In a multi-core processor, one core provides support if the other undergoes fault. They can tolerate faults to greater extents. The process of spatial and temporal isolation ensures that no delays occur
  • Although DOS does not support multi-tasking. While running more than 640 MB of RAM, this OS faces difficulty in memory access.
  • The speed is not satisfactory regarding HP 430 laptop i5.

Why should you go for HP 430 laptop i3?

HP is renowned for the best laptops. They have a wide range of models with high-end specifications. This wide range of highly specified models makes it difficult to choose from. As one of the leading brands, HP offers a laptop for every person. The HP 430 laptop price is highly budget-friendly for most users.

HP 430 i3 laptops are highly recommended for their features. The features allow the user to conduct their job seamlessly. Therefore this HP laptop model is quite popular among a specific section of customers. Along with the elements, the HP 430 i3 laptop price is another reason for its high demand.


HP claims to put its laptops through thorough benchmark testing. From the battery to the running speed, all evaluations are correctly done. The next best competition for this laptop is the i5 model. HP 430 laptop i5 price in India is comparatively higher than the i3. All the laptops of HP pass through the heat test for better customer satisfaction.

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