How can the Background of Google Meet be Changed?

how to change background in google meet

Technological advancement is playing its part beautifully in connecting people worldwide. Video communications are one of the most successful means of connecting with people. And Google Meet is one of the very successful examples in this regard. Google Meet has replaced two other communication products Google used as a communication platform. The Google Meet platform is used for official video conferencing for work or learning from home. Google Meet is a free yet premium platform for conducting any video conference. This Google product is highly trusted by schools, businesses, and governments all over the globe. Thus, it is crucial to know how to change the background in Google Meet.

Why is Google Meet Preferred over Others?

Many video calling platforms call for installing a browser extension or an app to run. Moreover, these platforms also start having an issue if your pop-up blocker is on. On the other hand, Google Meet does not have these requirements, and Google Meet virtual background adds a fun and dynamic look. This Google product can be used in any major browser. All you require in Google Meet is to allow the camera and microphone permissions. In a video call in Google Meet, you can manage the persons joining the meeting. If you do not identify a person who wants to join the meeting, you can deny them. Adding participants or denying people in a Google Meet video call is more effortless. There are Google Meet backgrounds free, available online, which the users can download and customize the app by themselves. 

Any time limits do not bind Google Meet sessions. Being a product of Google itself, Google Meet provides a more secure and stable service, and there are easy Google Meet background download options online, which helps enhance the app. The encrypted video recordings do not allow any anonymous user to enter a video call. Thus, knowing how to change a background in Google Meet android and other devices will help the users make the most out of the app. 

Stepwise process of changing the background

One of the many features that Google Meet provides is the option for changing the background. There are flexible ways of how to change the background in Google Meet as a user conducting a video call through this platform can change the background of their screen to maintain privacy. The user can do it before joining the meeting or during an ongoing session.

The ways how to change background on Google Meet on the phone and other devices are listed below.

Before Joining the Video Call

  • First, you must select the required meeting in Google Meet after visiting the site.
  • You would find a button indicated as ‘Change Background’ in the self-view mode at the bottom right.
  • For completely blurring the background, you will find the button saying ‘Blur Your Background’.
  • If you need to blur your background partially, you have to click the option of ‘Slightly blur your background’.
  • Other than these two options, you can also go for several pre-uploaded backgrounds. For that, click the background option.
  • There is a fantastic option of background available on the Google Meet platform. You can select any of them by tapping the ‘Add’ button.
  • After setting the background as your wish, join the meeting by clicking ‘Join Now.’

Following these steps are helpful as it covers the aspects even if the Google Meet change background missing on mobile.

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During an Ongoing Call

  • When a video call goes on, you will find a ‘More‘ option available. At the bottom, there is an option with a three-dotted image.
  • After clicking on the ‘Change Background‘ option, your camera will automatically turn on. 
  • After making changes in the background, your system might become slower. If you face inconvenience, it is recommended to turn off this feature to make other applications work correctly.
  • Now you will find options for different types of action. Click on the ‘Blur Your Background‘ option to blur the background completely. Select the ‘Slightly blur your background’ for blurring the background partially. Or you can choose a pre-uploaded background by selecting the ‘Background’ option.

The points mentioned above make the query of how to change background in Google Meet on laptop and other devices during an ongoing call way easier.


Google Meet also offers an array of advantages and options to its users. It comes with virtual backgrounds, which the users learn how to change background in Google Meet on iPhone and on other devices and can easily customize the app. The host of a video conference call can easily share their screen for convenience. This platform also allows in-call messaging facilities along with live captioning. Live captioning makes this Google product highly successful for large meetings. Google Meet has bridged many gaps and barriers, allowing a smooth work culture and other advantages. Especially in the pandemic times, this platform has proved to be of utmost help for easy running.

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