How to Earn Money through YouTube: 4 Ways To Earn Money On YouTube

How to Earn Money Through Youtube

How to Earn Money Through YouTube

Can you guess! How much youtubers will earn money through YouTube? Here I will share with you the topmost YouTubers how much they will earn money through YouTube and their income sources within details.

Do you know the topmost YouTubers? For example, pewdiepie is the topmost gaming YouTuber, his earning is pretty awesome, you can’t believe it, his earning are $7.1 Million dollars as per 2014 data. In Indian currency approximately 50 Corers.

Now, you’re really interested to earn at least 1% of it right, yes then why late start a youtube channel and earn passive income through youtube. To generate lifetime money without doing any work for the rest of the days, then YouTube is the perfect platform for you.

4 Ways To Earn Money On YouTube :

Youtube Monetization / Google ad sense :

Did you know how youtubers earn money through youtube? Yes here is the answer for you; they will earn money through Google ad sense. It is the ad publisher network of google. Once we reach the community guidelines of the youtube anyone can connect / approach for youtube ad sense/youtube monetization.

Youtube ad sense Community guidelines:

  • Optimize the channel with  ( logo, cover, channel keywords, Description about the channel)
  • Upload unique content without having any copyright issues.
  • Channel must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours.
  • To reach 4000 watch time hours your content of the videos should be a minimum of 10,000 views.
  •  After reaching all these community guidelines, you’re eligible for the youtube partnership program.

Sponsorship advertisement:

The famous youtubers in their own niche they will have monthly sponsorship advertisement, simply sponsorship advertisement means promoting the brands through the famous youtubers who have thousands of subscribers in their own niche platform, this is also known as influence marketing. this is also a decent income for youtubers to earn passive income without doing any work youtubers can earn money while promoting popular brands through their channels


  • John has 1Million subscribers on his channel.
  • ABC Company: launched a new application for users, they want to promote their application/website / any other service, they will approach topmost influencers in their own niche.
  • For suppose ABC company approached john to promote its brand, John will promote its brand and application for $800 – $1500. That will be in Indian currency approximately 61,000 INR to 1,14,000 INR.

Simply Mathematical calculations here:

  • Four weeks in a month, like that weekly one basic promotion cost:
  • 1 week * 800$ = 800$ (61,000 INR )
  • 3 weeks* 800$ = 2400$ (1.83,880 INR )
  • Oh my god! In a month a Youtuber can earn $3200 (2, 44, 587 INR) in a month, this is a very awesome & decent passive income for youtubers.

Promoting Affiliate links :

Do you know?  This is also a passive income to youtubers. I will explain first what affiliate then you will get an idea, you can easily understand how this process will work. Affiliate marketing is the commission-based money if you promote any brand product/ service that will company pay commission-based income to the affiliate marketers

You got a clear cut idea right! That’s cool, YouTubers while updating the links in their video description part, viewers can view the links and they click the products if they purchase those products, then he will earn passive income.

Topmost affiliate programs in the market.

These are some popular affiliate programs. Suppose they will generate affiliate links through Amazon, Amazon will pay 10% commission rates to affiliate marketers only 1% for mobiles.

If youtuber will choose an only amazon affiliate program, he will earn a decent online money income source.


  • Iphone 7 pulse Mobile cost   : $649 (49,612 INR )
  • Amazon Commission rate     : 1 %
  • Youtuber Income commission rate for one mobile is 6$ (496 INR ). Suppose If 30 people purchase through that link he will get 180$ (13,000 INR).

Through affiliate also a youtuber can easily make money while updating affiliate links, here I mentioned approximate calculation, more than this a youtuber will earn money apart from youtube ad sense.

Crowd Funding :

This earning method people will know! but people who don’t know? About this earning method, I will share my knowledge with them.

YouTubers who have millions of subscribers in their channel, so they will ask for funding to donate to them. If viewers/subscribers are big fans to that particular youtubers they will donate the money to their popular celebrity youtubers. So they can use that money for professional use or else personal use.

how to earn money through youtube

Conclusion: –

Become a successful Youtuber and make passive income online through these digital platforms, motivate people to join in the youtube community, tell your personal experience to your subscribers and help them, share your knowledge. Hope

Hope do you like this article about 4 different ways of youtube earnings, if you like this article please share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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