A Guide To Set Up An Apollo Pharmacy Franchise

Apollo Pharmacy franchise Medical Shop Business Idea

You would surely love to do business, and the growth prospects are always higher than a salaried job. However, unless you earn a very high salary, it is never possible to fulfil the luxurious desires of life. Therefore, as you are pondering over the idea of a business venture, one must tread with care.

There is a need to identify a business opportunity, which offers growth and, at the same time, can also help you tide over recessionary periods. Our suggestion will be to think of a business opportunity in the pharmacy sector. The best recommendation here will be to explore the possible options of an Apollo Pharmacy franchise

About the Company:

It is before you make an Apollo Pharmacy franchise inquiry, it is essential to know about this company. This is a company founded by Dr.Prathap C. Reddy in the year 1983. They are credited with establishing the first corporate health center in India. Today, the company boasts of 35,000 outlets spread across 18 states, and Apollo has today launched the largest and most exquisite medical chain. A decade ago, the baton of this company passed on to his elder daughter Suneeta Reddy, and today she, along with her three sisters, run this company. It is a great brand, and one can always fill up an Apollo Pharmacy franchise form. 

Why would you be eager to start an Apollo Pharmacy franchise

These days the internet offers loads of information, and it is easy to get access to the Apollo Pharmacy franchise contact number. However, it is before you proceed and access Apollo Pharmacy franchise information, it is essential that you understand the benefits of setting up a franchisee of this brand. Here are the services for you in brief. 

  • It is a reputed brand, and this will allow your franchise or retail outlet to break even a lot quicker. 
  • Is the Apollo Pharmacy franchise profitable? This is perhaps the question making your mind right now, and we say yes. One needs to understand that medicines, hospitals, and pharmacies are recession-proof. They are never influenced by economic conditions. Moreover, the brand Apollo Pharmacy will help a franchisee owner to get a good discount from the whole seller. All this helps to boost up the profit margins. 
  • It is once you associate with a reputed brand such as Apollo Pharmacy, there is undoubtedly better exposure. You get complete access to world-class technology and adequate information on the latest drugs. 
  • You have an update on the way to perfectly run a medical franchise. They teach you about medicine, health care, and the management of a franchisee. You learn to manage prescriptions and even arrange for treatments. They will teach you about maintaining logbooks for all sales, restocks. 

These are some of the benefits on offer as you run an Apollo Pharmacy franchise in India. Let us now discuss the process of applying for an Apollo Pharmacy franchise and costs-related matters. 

The Cost is a primary factor

It is before you apply, one must have an idea of the Apollo Pharmacy franchise cost. It is only if you can arrange for the finances it makes sense to discuss further. The Apollo franchise cost for a single unit can range anywhere from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs. We have given an extensive range, and that is because the establishment costs may vary from one area to the other. This is the cost if you rent the space, and if you opt for an outright buy, the cost could escalate further.

If you have rented the space, one must also consider a monthly expenditure in the form of rent for the commercial space. It will depend a lot upon how you have bargained with the landlord. It is once you have understood the costs, you can now ring up the Apollo Pharmacy customer care to know more regarding the application

The requirements to start a franchise

It is once you have an idea of the costs, you will now desire to get more information on how to get the Apollo Pharmacy franchise. There are plenty of things to consider as you plan for a franchise, and licensing is a crucial issue. The Apollo Pharmacy franchise Quora offers some critical inputs in this regard, and to operate in the medical pharmacy industry, one surely needs a drug license.

One will need a retail drug license to use a general pharmacy outlet. This is important, and one should note that operating without a license is a punishable offense under form 19. If you intend to expand a bit and make a foray into the wholesale business, there will be a need to upgrade the license. You will now need a wholesale drug license. It is from the local state pharmacy board that you will have to get the permit. 

The area requirements

The Apollo Pharmacy franchise website mentions extensive details regarding the area requirements of the store. If you intend to open a small pharmacy, then the area requirement could be in the range of 10-15 square meters. If you want to set up a mega store with wholesale and retail sections, then at least a 15 square meter area is required.

A franchise outlet must have provisions for storage, air conditioning, and refrigerator. The outlet location is also essential, and it is preferred to be close to markets, hospitals, and generally crowded places. The franchise owner must hire at least two employees to assist in running the operations.

The application process

We have discussed the basic needs to start a franchise for Apollo pharmacy. Let us now discuss the Apollo Pharmacy franchise application processand it is easy. First, a person who intends to apply must browse the company website and fill up the application form. The application form which you have filled up will be reviewed by the support staff of the company. They will now get in touch with you regarding the further formalities of the process, and it should be smooth.


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