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Today’s Word the second largest search engine is YouTube, There are 22 Billon users are interested to watch videos, YouTube is widely used to promote, educate, entertain an audience. People like YouTube videos more compare to other video media platforms, because compare to other video platforms YouTube is more user-friendly.

However, like all things on the internet getting more video views on YouTube. The algorithm works based on user keywords.

Are you a content creator? Creating awesome stuff for users? But you’re not getting views on YouTube channel.

Get More Views on YouTube Organically:

Do you want really get more unique views, subscribers and earn money on YouTube Then This Top Advanced Tips helps you a lot, These Top Advanced Tips to grow more views on your YouTube channel?

1. Choose Your Niche / Content:

Creating a YouTube channel is very simple and selecting your niche is very difficult, people will create their YouTube channel but they don’t know which content they have to upload in their channels, As a humans, each and everyone have some unique talents like singing, dancing, music, technical, giving business ideas and based on their own interest, etc, The First step is you should your own interest then you can start the own YouTube channel and update your videos into the channel. YouTube is a great platform to explore your skills and make you famous.

Highest Pay Niche on YouTube:-

  • Health and Fitness
  • Problem-solving (Technical)
  • Business / Investment Niche
  • Marketing/advertising.
  • Entertainment Niche.

2. Research on Content video & Keywords

After selecting the channel niche, try to focus on your content about how to do YouTube videos. Selecting the topic of your videos to make sure some little research on a particular topic.

Coming up to the next keywords, what are keywords? Keywords are ideas and topics to define what your content is about. In YouTube, keywords play a major role to display your video on top of the YouTube search engine. Do you really don’t know how to select YouTube videos keywords then follow these tools.

Keyword Validation:-

  • I.    Search more then 500/m
  • II.   Long-tail keyword
  • III.  Search result more than 300
  • IV.  Low Competition
  • V.    Related Keywords

Tools for selecting YouTube video Keywords

  1. Google Keyword planner.

Use any one tool to know the keyword competition of the same niche of your YouTube videos; these tools are great to help you out in video ranking.

3.   Use LSI Keywords to Video

What is LSI? Why LSI? LSI is latent semantic indexing in SEO, Long tail keyword helps full to rank a website and youtube videos. The search engine can easily identify long-tail keywords and it will show the result on SERP (search engine result page). As a content creator, you should know the use of long-tail keywords.


4.   Use Rich Title, Description & Tags

Pickup the right title for your videos, creators don’t know how to use the rich title in youtube videos, Do you want increase youtube views automatically then use a title with 65-75 characters only, more than that youtube algorithm can’t read your title, so make sure title should be minimum characters.

Creator’s doest fill their video description part while making youtube content videos, making awesome content and giving informative stuff to views are else your audiences you should explain about the video in text format also, that is really helpful to create more impact to rank your video on top. The video description should be more than 250 characters. For tags use LSI keywords, to know about competitor keywords use the Tube buddy extension.

Title, Description & Tags Validation

  • A title should be 65 to 75 characters.
  • Put Keywords at start
  • The title should be in a sentence
  • The description should be more than 250 characters.
  • Put the main keyword in the first paragraph
  • For Tags, competitor & recommended videos use Tube Buddy Extension.

5.   Use Intro Videos

Every top most YouTuber has a unique channel intro. This intro will create more impact on your audiences when you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, you can create an awesome intro video for youtube channel. My suggestion is from stating level not to update any intro’s to your channel. Start with your own intro and directly go to the topic, that will create get more views and subscribers on the youtube channel.

For Free Intro Videos without the watermark:

Recommended sites:

6.   Use Optimized Thumbnails

I will say yes for this because youtube thumbnails is the heart of your videos, first is content, we all know content is the king in anywhere, but here thumbnail is the king for your videos, just update customized thumbnails that should be more attractive to audiences, convey the content what you’re going to tell in that video with single images. There are many customized thumbnail templates available in the online market, just we have to edit the picture as per your convince.

Note: Recommended youtube thumbnail size is 1280*720

Mobile Application for Youtube Thumbnails:-

  • 1. Thumbnail Maker
  • 2. Picsart
  • 3. Pixllabs

Desktop Tools For Youtube Thumbnails:-


7.   Use Cards & Annotations

After creating Thumbnail successfully, all creators to know this youtube cards and ending annotations, Are you a content creator, do you really want to know how to gain more subscribers on youtube then use cards to your videos, these cards really helpful to get more views to previous videos.

8.   Ask For Subscription

Creators now your time to ask for a subscription. You’re creating awesome content stuff why not you ask for a subscription to new audiences this will help to attend to new audiences to get more subscribers on a youtube channel. If you didn’t add the subscribe button to you’re channels, I highly recommend you to add the subscribe button and branding logo of your channel for the entire video.

9. Share Video In All Social Media

Do you really doing good for youtube videos, but you’re not getting more views and subscribers on youtube, don’t worry share your content videos in all social media platforms, all we need is youtube views for that need more social signals improve the social signals, create your own groups, pages and invite your friends to join in that groups.

 Recommended Social media Platforms:

  • a)   Facebook
  • b)   Instagram
  • c)    Twitter
  • d)   LinkedIn
  • e)   Tiktok
  • f)    Pinterest
  • g)   Whatsapp etc.

10. Create a blog

After doing all the factors, this is the last factor to get more website clicks and more youtube views to channel, create a BlogSpot /word press and write 500 words about the video with title, keywords and basic SEO and embedded youtube videos into the blog. It is another way of getting more youtube views and subscribers.


Here I strictly not recommend to buy fake views and subscribers and don’t make foolish on YouTube algorithms. That views & subscribers do not stay a lifetime.


These are the advanced tips to rank youtube videos and get more views and subscribers to channels. Follow this all advanced youtube ranking factors. If you’re not getting views don’t worry, focus on content, update videos consistency and be patient, you will get fame and money. Do you really like my explanation and writing please leave a comment on the comment session.  

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