Add Me to Search: Google Virtual Business cards

Google launched new virtual business cards called “people card“, it allows for only google users especially to create or else update their websites and social media personal profiles.

Recently one week back Google has launched this new feature “Add Me to Search“, Google is testing the people’s card to allow personal use to display their profiles on search engines. I hope this new feature will use too many bloggers, influencers, business delights, and everyone to their personal brand on the search engine.

It is not similar to google business listing, because the user interface(UI) is the same. but the feature is not at all same, there we can update all business listing like category, timings, website links, social media listing, contact numbers, etc,.

A people card includes all details like website, personal information, social media profiles, and especially what about you and education information details.

How To Create a People Card( Add me to search):

Those who are interested to create google virtual Busines card called people card have to search by query “ Add Me to Search “. before that, you have to sign in to Gmail accounts, which information wish to add.

After entering the query add me to search, search engine display one pop-up called prompt that appears on to screen. here I am sharing the image

From that, you will able to add all detailed information about people card like :

  • Image from your account
  • Description of yourself
  • Website link
  • Education Details
  • occupation
  • phone number
  • social media profiles
  • Email address

You have to choose the customized image and also update 350 words description part of yourself and also website links , education details, occupation, and mobile number, social media profiles. Google aims to ensure that reliable information about you. and that data will be saved and previewed in the search engine google.

These new features we can update on both mobile and desktop, yes we can update this virtual business card through any is not a big update, or else not a new algorithm update to search engine executives no worries! people who are from outside India may not eligible for this new feature.

One of my friends tried this new feature using VPN but they can’t access these new virtual business cards, maybe they will update this Add Me to Search soon.

Conclusion :

Add Me to Search useful to many bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, businessmen for there personal branding, I hope these new virtual business cards are useful to connect in all social media presence.  One more advantage is that we can showcase our specialization like professional details on search engines without doing any search engine optimization.

I hope this article useful to many readers and bloggers, do you like this content to share your valuable comment on the comment section.

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