How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode Android

whatsapp dark mode how to enable whatsapp dark mode android
whatsapp dark mode how to enable whatsapp dark mode android - Infi Feed

Free instant messaging applications available in the play store, there are 300 million daily users are using WhatsApp every day. Instantly they are updating the application based on the new technology and new features, WhatsApp users are so happy with previous WhatsApp updates available in free messenger application.

Do you know WhatsApp had 450 million daily active users in 2018 and also 150 Billion active users in over 180 countries. On average of 1 million people register on WhatsApp every day. For satisfying the all user experiences they will upgrade the application.

Whatsapp users here some good news to all, the latest update of WhatsApp dark mode for android has finally added into WhatsApp messenger application. This feature is only available for only beta android users only.

If you are on WhatsApp for the android beta, make sure to update the application in play store and update the application to enable WhatsApp dark mode feature. The dark mode feature will only show up to WhatsApp version 2.20.13 beta or higher

How to enable WhatsApp dark mode on android

  • Step 1: Go to play store and update the WhatsApp messenger application
  • Step 2: After update go to settings > Chats > Select theme > Dark
  • Step 3: After selecting dark mode on WhatsApp, it will display 3 options
  • Steps 4:  Display option like Light, Battery saver and Dark mode
  • Step 5: Pick any mode; you’re successfully enabled Whatsapp dark mode.
WhatsApp dark mode android
  • Light Theme: This theme is in white, you always used this feature for many years
  • Dark theme: it is the updated feature in Whatsapp
  • Set by Battery saver: this feature available in the low version of android 9.0, allows to automatically switching to one mode another mode like dark / light.

Do you really face the problem? If you really didn’t get how to enable Whatsapp dark mode on android then update into Whatsapp beta channel, download the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger 2.20.13 beta.

This updated version really helpful to enable dark mode for Android users, if you’re beta tester of the for android then you’re lucky. Be patient for other operating systems users like IOS / Android non-beta users.

If you’re a beta tester? Your Whatsapp is updated your enjoying this new updated feature please mentioned your feedback in comment session share your user experience with us. That is really helpful for other non-beta testers.


WhatsApp messenger new update dark mode feature for android beta tester/users are finally updated there Whatsapp messenger application. For those users who are not enabled please click the above link for Whatsapp’s latest version download and install this feature.

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